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Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Great Website - Humber Lodge

I was surfing last night and wanted to find out why a lodge would advertise on the web for people to visit their site. I mean really... it is a lodge website afterall... what is the big deal. I clicked on one of the many Google ads for "Toronto Masonry Lodge" and wham I had "instant gratification".
The Humber Lodge website is unlike any other lodge website I have ever been to. If you know of others this good please tell me about them in the comments to this article. Instantly there is a great intro video to start and then after that you are drawn into a very well made website that is fun to surf. I must admit I have not been to through the whole site yet... I will be going back when I have more time. Honestly I spent at least half an hour on the one site. One point of interest that I would like to draw your attention to is the documentary on Masonry that is cleverly hidden in the site. After the intro if you look at the menu at the top of the site you will see an icon to the far right of the menu, looks like two faces. This link will open up one of the best documentaries on Masonry I have seen a quite a while. I'm a little biased however as much of it was done in my jurisdiction and one of the members of my mother lodge is a focal point of the documentary. If you do watch the documentary you may see Wes M. who is a member of my lodge.
Final conclusion is that if you are reading this article you are either a Mason or you are interested in the craft we call Masonry and you owe it to yourself to visit the Humber Lodge website. You will not be disappointed....


Mary and the Widow's Son said...

What's the URL of the Humber Lodge, Bro. Dean?

Widow's Son

Dean said...

Widow's son,

The url is
You can also find it under the masonic links to the right side of my page.