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Monday, July 31, 2006

The Knife and Fork Degree

The Knife and Fork Degree is of ancient origin and honorable history. Records of this degree are found in the most Ancient Manuscripts. It already was ancient when the first Grand Lodge was constituted in 1717.
The three principal tenets of this degree are Faith, Hope and Charity. We have FAITH in the Stewards, we HOPE that faith is well founded. And sometimes have to exercise CHARITY towards what is set before us.
Some of the secrets of this degree, found in the written portion of our unwritten work are communicated from hand to mouth, but the more important secrets are not to be found in the refreshments. You can't make me believe that any Brother will sit through three or four hours of a Lodge meeting merely for what is served at the Refreshment board.
The REAL SECRETS of the DEGREE are to be found in the companionship around the festal board; the banter between Brethren, the opportunity for the development of friendships; the word from one Brother to make the gathering think; the word from another Brother to
make the gathering smile, the good fellowship, the wholesome, enjoyable, profitable rubbing of shoulders with those with whom we wish to associate, with whom we wish to become better acquainted. - Masonic Mercury".
Published in Masonic Bulletin-BCY-September 1952


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