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Thursday, September 07, 2006

What Have You Done?

What have you done as you've journeyed through life
To aid someone weary or worn with the strife,
Of the battles he's fought or the races he's won.
I ask you again, what have you done?
Have you, as you travelled done all that you could
To practise the teachings of true brotherhood?
Did you lift up the fallen or comfort someone?
Again, may I ask, just what 'have you done?
Have you, when walking along life's weary road,
Having seen some poor fellow with too big a load
Offered to aid him and done all you could?
I don't know if you did, but that's what you should.
Well, your conscience will answer the question, my friend,
And you will be happy or sad in the end.
It's not yet too late, ere life's race be run,
To earn for yourself, "Thou hast well done."

Published in Masonic Bulletin-September 1951

1 comment:

Mary and the Widow's Son said...

The Burning Taper blog has called upon F. Ray Jackson, Grand Master of the Grand Lodge of Georgia, to immediately issue an edict recognizing our African-American Prince Hall Masonic brothers, or to publicly explain why he will not.

The Grand Lodge of Delware has recently become the last state outside the Old South to recognize Prince Hall Masons.

It is well past time for the rest of the grand lodges of Freemasonry to stop the racism and bigotry, and to recognize black Masons as true Masons.

Widow's Son