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Friday, August 31, 2007

Masonic Crossword Puzzles

I found this interesting item on eBay today. It is a CD with masonic-themed crossword puzzles. This would be good for any crossword lover or even better a great way to add flavor to a masonic newsletter, blog or other masonic correspondence with lodge members.

The best part about this item is it is very inexpensive. Grab it while you can. Bidding started at $2.50 and the Buy It Now price is only $5.00. So I guess it depends how much you enjoy bidding... If you don't then just pick it up for $5.00. It looks like the delivery is free also!
Masonic Themed Crossword Puzzle

1 comment:

JerzJim said...

This is Not CROSSWORD PUZZLES but instead WORD SEARCH PUZZLES, a very different item indeed...