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Thursday, October 25, 2007

Painting/Photocollage of Grand Lodge in Brighton England with King Edward VII

Here is a neat item to check out. It is a photo collage of Grand Lodge in Brighton, UK. The Grand Master at the time was King Edward VII. The painting requires some restoration but for a collector I think this would be a great piece to grab, and for the curious it is really interesting to check out the pictures. From what I understand the artist paints the background and then overlays actual photographs onto the scene.

The painting contains several members of royalty and is taken in the Grand Dome in Brighton, UK. The seller estimated the time of this work to be around 1910.
I love seeing items like this. They allow a picture back in time for us to see another period in masonry. Take a look at the mode of dress and the architecture of the building. Beards were definitely more popular back then.
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