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Saturday, May 31, 2008

Unbelievable Deal - in my opinion...

This has to be a deal worth blogging about... (and read to the bottom for my special teaser message)
I just renewed my Skype subscription for another year. I pay a year at a time. Why do I pay, you ask? Because Skype is free isn't it? Well yes it's free if you want to just call other people with Skype but if you want to use it to call anyone, on virtually any phone then you need to pay. So I have my long distance now cut down for the next year, unless I get lazy, to a mere $24 roughly. Yup that's ANNUAL, not monthly. And if your in Canada or the US I can call you for free and sit on the line for hours. Don't cost me any more.

I may be a bit of a tech geek but Skype is easy to use. Use this link and get 33% off 3 or 12 month calling subscriptions from Skype until 1st June. That's not far off. And rememebr just to go for the year. It isn't much money anyway. You might want to get a headset to use as well, for better quality calls. Or go all the way and invest in a Skype-enabled phone.

Skype comes in handy for my upcoming masonic podcast program too... And you though I was slow on posting? I have been working on something larger that took my energy elsewhere. Stay tuned!

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