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Thursday, May 03, 2007


Here is a neat plate with some obvious Masonic themes. I am not a specialist on plates but I think a plate collector who is a Mason would be very interested in this item. The pillars are quite obvious on this piece. Also the names of brethren in the lodge at the time are listed in the back giving it some historic value of sorts. I'm sure the lodge itself might be interested in an item like this. Unless they are like my mother lodge and they have a stack of them left at the back of the storage closet from 1903 and nobody has cleaned out the closet in one hundred years. We don't have antique plates but I swore I saw a few antiques back there a few years ago when I took inventory of the lodge. Alright I'm joking... in case someone from my lodge reads this.

click here to see the eBay listing and pics for the plate

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