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Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Special for Readers of this blog!


As I have an ownership interest in the following business and I want to promote it's business as well as give my fellow brothers a deal in doing so I am handing out a discount code that will work until May 12, 2007.

If you visit my new business... and your purchases total more than $25.... input code 5NC25 in the promo code box and save an extra 5%. I already have a few specials on and this code shouldn't interfere with those. If you have problems let me know and don't complete the transaction until I get back to you.

A couple things you may want to look at are...
Express E-mail Marketing- also would be very useful and efficient for lodge mailings!
Website Tonite - Good for people wanting to start a website, and get a unique .com for only $1.99 (while that special lasts)
Hosting packages as low as $3.99/month
And Finally (but I left a lot of the list) .COM Domains for $6.95 (yes I said 1.99 previously but that was with a non-domain purchase) and make sure you check out the extras, such as Quick Blogger, e-mail and free hosting! Same price for domain transfers and we add a year to whatever time is left with your existing Registrar.

Well that's all my advertising today... Sorry if I bugged anyone but if I don;t tell you how are ya supposed to know what my business' offer, especially when the prices are good!


lifestyle said...

I think you got a great blog!! Thank you for that. I'm definitely going to add u to my favorite :)
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bob said...

dude, your blog was cool until you started spamming some crappy amateur web hosting business stuff. you have lost credit and respect in my book.

Dean said...


I appreciate your feedback... Honestly! It is a hobby business of mine... I was not intending to offend anyone. I hope that I can regain your confidence in the future. I really didn't consider it Spam though... it was only one or two posts. But thanks for calling my new business crap... I don;t know how to take that really. Isn't a guy allowed to have other interests?
From what I gather though you would like me to stay on topic...
Point taken... but can I vary every once and a while?