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Monday, June 11, 2007

Listing on eBay store selling off masonic goods

Today I found this eBay store that is reporting to be selling of it's masonic inventory. The store states the following:

"We recently cleared a large assortment of early items out of the Mechanicville, NY Masonic Lodge. The Lodge has closed after being open over 100 years and we found some Amazing, Early, Freemasonry pieces."

A smart buyer might find something of interest here. There are a few items that caught my eye. A drama team or lodge might find some useful items here that you don't normally find for sale that would make you shine. There are also many books listed in various states of condition. I caution my readers to be careful however as some of these items are listed as rare and I would disagree... unless rare is more common than it used to be. Take a browse and happy collecting!

(note: usually my links here take you to one item... today this link will take you to a product listing, all products have the same seller in this listing today)

click here for the listing on eBay

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