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Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Strangest eBay item posted here yet- MUST SEE

I tripped over this listing on eBay. Even though I didn't make complete sense of it I know someone will and they will be nice enough to comment and explain to me and other readers. The real treasure here however is not the item itself but the excellent pictures of Rosslyn Chapel inside the eBay listing. The item itself I believe is some sort of totem relating to paranormal experiences. Even if that is not for you GO CHECK OUT THE PICTURES!!! I'm a big fan of Rosslyn and I took a few extra glances at these pictures for sure.

Update: On second reading of the eBay post and a little slower this time I am seeing a strong reminder to a paper that was presented to me by a good friend of mine and brother, Giles W. Crouch. I actually had that paper published on another friend's site. The paper is on the Jinn and Freemasonry and it can be found here at The Burning Taper website. After reading the paper there some of the eBay listing may make more sense...Maybe?

Again if you can make sense of the rest of the item description please comment here and explain.

click here to see the listing with excellent pictures of Rosslyn Chapel (scroll down inside the ebay listing).

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Anonymous said...

some people are freakin CRAZY