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Sunday, March 16, 2008

Antique Violin from 1878 inlayed with Masonic Symbols

Today I found this item by looking at my own blog. Funny perhaps but on the left hand column up near the top I have the most popular items in eBay with "masonic" in the title kept auto-updated. Even if I'm away it will keep my readers kept in the loop. A good reason to check back.
Back to topic, today I looked and saw an unusual violin in the top three. I thought to myself, "Why a violin?" I was soon rewarded with a violin from the late 1800's inlayed with the square and compass and a few other masonic symbols. It is a real piece of art. The wood itself is bird's eye. Pretty spectacular.
It might not be in the best shape but from my point of view, if you collect masonic items and have any interest in violins, it will probably be the best one you will ever see from this time period, if not the only one.

Antique Violin with Masonic Inlay - click here -


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Anonymous said...

Hello. I have looked all over for someone to help me out with a piece of Masonic history that I have access to. It is a bronze square logo. It was found beneath the rubble of a lodge that was torn down in the 40s or 50s. If anyone knows about these or knows someone that does, please contact me, Include Masonic Square in subject. Thanks!