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Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Download the New "Masons Toolbar" BETA

My apoligies for being sick the last day or two. Today I decided I'd unveil a little project I've been working on. It is a browser toolbar for IE or Firefox. There is a version for each. I would like it if you would download it and offer me suggestions for improvement. I've done a few changes since I first launched it to a couple of brethren. I have not added at the links I want to yet. But essentially I want to have this toolbar list masonic sites so they are all in one place for those of us who surf.

At a later date I'll add more sites but I have to start somewhere. Yes of course I favor my own sites. If you have a site you would like added please drop a comment here, till I get around to setting up an e-mail address specifically for that cause. All I ask is if I add you to the link you add the button somewhere and/or add value to the toolbar and the on-line masonic community. Obviously you need to have masonic content on your site... no anti-masonic sites will be permitted obviously.

As for business links... that will come later. I'm still trying to figure out what to do with that. I added my own site because I put this together. If you have a business and want to be added drop me a note anyway... I'll figure something out. Obviously I will need to know for sure that you are a member of the fraternity. The whole idea of the toolbar is to help and support our own on the web and make it simple to find things.

If you want something added let me know... Remember this is my "second draft"... Feedback is appreciated!

For the toolbar click here...

toolbar powered by Conduit


Jeff said...

Hmm... it doesn't even have the King Solomon's Lodge main combined feed installed? In what way is this supposed to be impressing my ego?
I'm not into such quirky toolbars normally, but I'll try it for a few hours at least.

Dean said...


Good point Jeff. Hmmmmm... I really like your feed so consider your link added... actually if I'm quick you will see it in the toolbar next time you restart your browser. It will be in the browser section.