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Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Changes... and a bit of humour!

OK yesterday I put up my sidebar that shows different masonic products on the web. If you didn't see it yet... just scroll down and watch the left hand side. You need to get past my ever-present "most watched" eBay listing section first. I liked the eBay section too much to get rid of it. Besides it has neat stuff show up everyday.

So the test today is to see which item I added to the sidebar just for a good laugh. Perhaps it may interest a few of you? But they should put age restrictions on some things.

I also added at least one more t-shirt from Greg as many of you seemed to like it.

OK so the test is to find the item and to add a bit of humour you have to suggest an alternative use for the item as well!!!! Good Luck!

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