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Thursday, September 13, 2007

I'm In!!!!!

How many of us love to travel with groups of friends or have been on a masonic road trip? We love them but we all dread the planning and coordination involved. I just found this neat Web Application with a pretty simple name. It's called I'm In

I took a look and thought it was a fantastic idea. Hey if I didn't I wouldn't write about it now would I? So when you are planning the next road trip or weekend trip with the guys (or girls) why not use this little application and see if it makes things easier. They even give travel ideas! Let me know how it works for you. I can see myself using it. I noticed they put a MadLibs section on the homepage that I need to checkout next LOL!!! Gotta see if it's child-friendly or adult-oriented.

The site gives you a spot for itinerary, photo-sharing, see who's coming and when, etc... Pretty darn cool. Where was this when I was planning my wedding in the Carribean?

So it's called I'm In... Short but sweet.

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