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Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Prison art limestone carving, Masonic & tobacco motifs

I found this item very quickly today. It is definitely one-of-a-kind masonic folk art. I would encourage you to take a look at the item even if you are not interested in buying something like this. I was amazed that someone was able to carve something like this, especially given they were in prison. It is assumed that the prisoner was a fellow brother and carved it as a gift to the Deputy Warden. I'm not sure of the age but the thought behind this carving is remarkable. I wonder if these two men smoked together?
Masonic Prison Art on eBay

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Anonymous said...

To make the assumption that a prisoner was a Mason simply because he (or SHE!) created this is a vast leap. MANY prison systems throughout America allow prisoners to create handicrafts to sell at a 'prison store' to anyone who happens to wander by. From velvet paintings of Elvis to wonderful children's rockers to full-rigged sailing ships to - yes - Masonic-emblembed ash trays, the prisoners simply do these things to become productive and raise some additional funds. There are often many items with Rotary, Lions, Elks and Masonic emblems to be found in these stores. These folks aren't missing Rotary meetings while in prison and they're not smoking with the warden. Here's just one example of this type of store thta I visited while on vacation: Note the samples listed in the menu on the left!