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Tuesday, September 04, 2007

My new Sidebar tool

I wanted to point out and explain my new tool in my sidebar. First though I want to mention why I point out all these masonic items online. I always found it easy to find masonic items but hard to find what I wanted. Furthermore I wasn't sure if I could always trust the merchant. Besides I have fun looking for all these masonic items. I will continue to post interesting eBay items here as I always do (as long as my kids allow me the time and I'm not too busy with work! LOL)
In the sidebar you will now find the "Freemason Store". This is actually more of a showcase of things on the web, a one-stop shop for masonic items. I find them and place them there. These items are not being sold by me directly. When you click on them you will be taken directly to the store that vends that particular item. I should mention that I have one item up there right now that is sold by a good masonic blogging pal of mine. Greg over at Masonic Traveller did the Masonic Collegiate T-Shirt you can see near the top. I always liked that shirt and thought I'd take the chance to list it here. This week I took a fancy to rings... maybe next week I'll switch it more towards books... Who knows???

Enjoy... and if you want to flame me go ahead. I just want to do what I enjoy doing. Oh you can also make suggestions, that would be nice. If you have questions on how you can do somethign like this for your website... well I'd be more than happy to show you.

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