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Tuesday, March 13, 2007


Well I've been meaning to do this since I started highlighting e-bay items. I should provide some disclosure on my link with E-bay and the fraternity.

I am a Past Master from the GL of NS in Canada. We are a regular lodge that is recognized by all the Grand Lodge bodies I am aware of, except perhaps co-masonry and female masonic bodies, although I know a few female brothers and they will not be shunned by me although I will not be able to sit in lodge with them. I'm sure there are a few others that are not or that we do not recognize but that list would probably be the same for most regular Grand Lodge bodies. And yes we do recognize Prince Hall lodges although I'm sad to say I've never been to a Prince Hall lodge yet... But I plan on it eventually. Any invites to attend lodges are always welcome. I'm also well below the average age for masonry... and show like a sore thumb in a lodge hall with my young looks and my white legs sticking out from under my kilt.

I will also disclose that people using my site to connect with E-bay listings are helping me out as well. I do receive a small portion of the fees E-bay collects from the seller when you use my links. It doesn't cost you anything... E-bay pays me. I have a young family and a fairly new business so your patronage to my site is appreciated. I do not get rich from this site but coffee money is nice and it gives me an excuse to look for novel E-bay items that may interest the brethren. A small hobby...

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I. Coffey said...

Good morning Brother,

I am Isaiah Coffey and I hail from the Most Worshipful Prince Hall Grand Lodge of Georgia. My lodge would be W. C. Thomas 112 located in Atlanta, Georgia. I wanted to add a link for your blog to my personal blog if you don't mind. If it's a problem then I will remove it immediately. I hope that this message finds you in the best of health and spirits. May G-d's peace and blessing be upon you and your family.

Brother I. Coffey