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Friday, March 30, 2007

Unique Photojournal from 1890 Bombay by a Mason--- Must See

I thought it was time for something more original. Here is a very well done photo journal from over a century ago in Bombay India. It is a must-see! Taker a few minutes and watch the slideshow. The first link will be the E-bay listing, but the second is a separate link to the slideshow. I recommend seeing the eBay listing first to get some history on the album then come back and visit the slideshow from here. I found the slideshow hard to find going through the sellers links so I've made it easier. Take a few minutes of time and turn up your speakers as the music is relaxing, and see old India from the eyes of a Mason.
eBay listing: 1890's Bombay Photojournal taken by a Mason

Then visit:Slideshow here, and don't be in a rush

1 comment:

Bob said...

AWESOME photo spread. Wish I had the $5k for it. Thanks for sharing.