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Monday, March 12, 2007

Masonic Kilt Kit for Sale at a Great Price

I could not believe this when I saw it. As many of you may or may not know, I wear a kilt to lodge almost every meeting. I love it and wear it with pride. Of course I get the occasional joke about not being able to afford pants. Let them laugh because nothing shows your Scottish or Irish Ancestory like a kilt. That being said... to fully equip a kilt with all the trimmings can be quite a costly affair. I was browsing through my own site under my "Buy It Now" page and found this great deal. Masonic Kilts for Sale at a Great Price
It is drop-shipped out of Canada. Oh wait I'm from Canada. But no matter, I can guarantee you would be hard pressed to find a kilt and everything to go with it for a price that comes close to this, including a heavy shipping fee. I also think I know the supplier but I have not researched this. If it is who I think it is then they sell a very good quality kilt. Also note this kit comes with much more than just the kilt itself. Buying your kilt in a kit like this could save you hundreds of dollars.

A couple of things a kilt buyer should watch is the weight of the kilt and make sure they measure you properly for the kilt or ask your measurements over the phone to size you up properly. Show your pride and buy a kilt today!

PS - If you are a Shriner in Nove Scotia, Canada.... They are looking for more members for their "Elite" Scottish unit. You don't have to be Scottish but you need the proper regalia to be a member. We don't even ask if you like Haggis either... but it helps.

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