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Thursday, March 22, 2007

The Ulimate Masonic Reference CD

I thought yesterdays find was good when I found the Masonic Encyclopedia on CD. Today I find a CD with over 120 masonic books in it. If I wasn't watching my budget I would put a bid in on this item personally. I was amazed at some of the books they have on this CD. If any mason wanted one CD that they could build years of masonic education lectures from... here it is. A great asset for any aspiring Mason wishing for more light in the craft. And the price is very good if you consider the cost of a hardcover book these days, let alone over 120. Again if I wasn't pinching my pennies this week... I'd bid on this item personally. Maybe I'll change my mind by tonight?

Take a look just to see the many titles they list that are on the CD.
Ultimate Masonic Library CD - 120+ books on masonry on one CD!!!

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