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Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Get Your Two Ball Cane Pin Today!

I thought I'd put up a modest item today. Here is an item I think every Mason should have. A modest pin that shows you are a mason to other masons and triggers the curiosity of other non-masons. The Two Ball Cane Pin is a great pin to have and I have found a listing for a pin at a decent price that just about everyone can afford. Go to eBay and get your pin sent to you today...
Two Ball Cane Pin


Anonymous said...

A buddy of mine who is also a brother gave me a ration of oatmeal yesterday because I had this emblem on my car. Appears that some brothers have a problem with some of us displaying this item on ourselves or our automobiles.

Dean said...

I've never heard of anyone having trouble with this symbol.... Please share with me their rational.