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Friday, March 16, 2007

Masonic Barong from Philipines for Sale - Very Interesting

I think I found something neat today. The other day I found kilts at a great price with choice of Masonic or clan accessories included in the price. Today it is a Filipino Barong. I looked at the listing and I couldn't believe the detail in the stitching. The masonic symbols, pillars, etc... and it looks like it would be very comfortable in a formal setting on a hot day. How many of us have wanted to increase the AC in the lodge room and you can not get it quite high enough on the hot days as the brethren sweat in their suits? Perhaps this is the answer? I've never worn one of these but perhaps I may have to check into this myself. If a Filipino brother can comment on the suitability of this item for lodge functions that would be great!!!

Interesting Masonic Barong (XL) on E-bay


Steve said...

Our lodge officers wore barongs for our installation this January, because the majority of the officers are Filipino. We got a one time dispensation from our Grand Lodge for this. They are very cool, and have a very interesting history.

Steve Brettell
Birmingham #188
Grand Lodge of Maryland

Anonymous said...

Many of the Lodges near me have a large Filipino membership. They wear barongs for many of their more formal meetings, such as degrees or presentations.

NaFFAA12 said...

Members and officers of Leeward Lodge, the youngest Masonic Lodge in Hawaii -- also known in this Paradise Islands as "The Filipino Lodge" primarily because of its large Filipino membership -- wear the Filipino Barong in almost all its meetings and special events. It is the "standard" masonic wear and the officers and members look very distinctive in such outfit.

Raymund Liongson
Leeward Lodge